As many fans and viewers know, the PGA supports a plethora of charities and worthwhile causes through their players, who have the option of playing for specific causes. This is a longstanding tradition that has been the very backbone of the Association for as long as anyone can remember.

With that in mind, let us highlight the various charities supported by the PGA, as well as how they have been making a major impact on our world:

Golfers Against Cancer

This volunteer-run charitable organization that dedicates its time to organizing golf tournaments and hosting dinners and other events. The proceeds of all events are donated directly to organizations that are researching cures for various cancers.

Since its inception in 1997, Golfers Against Cancer (GAC) has raised $23.9 million to fund over 100 specific, cutting-edge research projects around the United States.

Wadsworth Golf Foundation

Since 1958, this 501(c)3 foundation has been dedicated to improving communities around the United States by teaching citizens to embody the moral, ethical, and cultural codes imposed by the game of golf. By promoting such behavior, the Wadsworth Golf Foundation also aims to teach its mentees how to judge others more leniently, promote patience and discipline, and even improve students’ personal integrity.

Friends of Golf

Since its inception in 1986, Friends of Golf (FOG) has been working diligently to provide underprivileged high school students with the resources necessary to play golf competitively. This has entailed providing funds, equipment, and other valuable resources to students in southern California and, now, around the country.

Just last year, FOG reached a milestone of donating over $7 million to high schools, colleges, foundations, and other specialized golf programs to date.

Golf for Injured Veterans Everywhere (GIVE) Foundation

Founded in 2007, the GIVE Foundation was formed with the intention of providing a structured golf program for injured or disabled veterans who are patients at the Iowa City VA Health Care System, as well as showing said veterans how deeply their service is appreciated throughout the community.

While this organization is certainly more relevant on a local scale, it has made a tremendous impact, as it provides a method of enhancing veterans’ mental, social, physical, and emotional well-being. Additionally, given the PGA’s partnership with the organization, participating veterans are given the opportunity to network with and meet some of their favorite players, as well as PGA’s own members and apprentices.